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To Whom it May Concern, PNT Consulting has supported several projects as a subcontractor teammate to AT&T. Specifically, members of PNT supported the DHS CBP Rio Grande Valley Land Mobile Radio Modernization and the DHS CBP Del Rio Microwave Extension. For both projects PNT supported roles as the task leads for outside plant and civil work at sites requiring new towers, shelters, and generators, tower, shelter, and generator foundations, tower antenna and coax installation, tower remediation, shelter installation, grounding and other tasks associated with outside plant/civil site work. PNT provides invaluable input during initial site survey and design phases of projects so the overall team verifies all items and plans required for site work are accounted for during the planning and design phases. PNT has the capability to assist during emergency type situations as they did during the Del Rio project where they came to another subcontractor teammates aide when the initial tower crew could not perform the necessary work. Within a week PNT was able to evaluate the task requirements, perform a site survey and determine if the tower onsite was safe to climb and schedule a crew to come out and perform the work required. This level of emergency support saved Team AT&T thousands of dollars during the deployment phase of the project. PNT’s track record as a subcontractor is highly valued by our group as they do not need to be micromanaged and will follow the task and deliverables required on any specific task order. Deliverables such as site survey reports, daily deployment reports, site deployment pictures and close out documentation were met without issue. In instances were additional information was needed for any deliverables, PNT was able to provide that information or revisit sites to document the additional information as required. As a project manager I place high value on using companies such as PNT as subcontractor teammates because they help lower overall project risk by applying their expertise to execute the project requirements. For these reasons, I plan to use PNT on future task order opportunities.
Carlos Colon
AT&T Project Manager
To whom it may concern; PNT Consulting helped support our Sprint/Samsung Network Vision Project. Specifically, members of PNT supported Sprint in Utah, Idaho and Colorado markets. The project licenses of 1.9/800/2.5 was the Samsung equipment designed for the old Clearwire upgrade, old Sprint equipment removal, and rooftop upgrades. PNT helped with this design along with fiber backhaul verification and Microwave/LOS. PNT helped troubleshoot some old sites including old Clearwire equipment, outside plant and AAV. Some sites were New builds, some rooftop, and tower antenna/coax installations including grounding. PNT provided us quick response during very hectic build with their site support trouble-shooting on our very tough sites. Overall team is well experienced, professional, and very knowledgeable in the wireless industry. What is very important and appreciated is that PNT does not need to be micromanaged. They follow the task given and on time deliverables. As a Market Manager, I place high value on using companies such as PNT because we need companies with expertise to execute the project design requirements. I plan on using PNT with future projects. Sincerely;
Michael Landon