Site Construction

Pre-Construction Planning

Our team is equipped to identify and resolve unique, and often demanding site construction issues

Site Documentation Design Review

Site Civil Construction 

Site Shelter Construction / Installation

Site Grounding Installation

Site Electrical Installation

Site Tower Erection

Site Tower Installation

Sector Mounts, Antenna Mounts, Tower Platforms, Equipment Platforms

Antenna, Lines, Hybrid Cables. Jumpers

Site Construction

PNT has set itself up with the right people and partnerships to build our clients the highest quality sites.

Permitting Support

Site Constructability Audits Review / Out of Scope Items identifications and Submitting

Building Permit Review and Receipt

Electrical Permit Review and Receipt 

Plat Survey Verification’s and Site Build Location Acceptance

Site Construction

PNT's engineers are available to ensure our crews installation of materials and equipment meet or exceed the projects requirements

Site Build

Foundations Installation and Testing

Ground Ring Installation and Testing

Shelter Installation and Testing

Electrical Service Installation and Inspections

Site Construction

Our tower crews are fully trained in tower safety as well as installation of the latest technologies

Site Completion and Closeout

Tower Erection

RF Material Installation and Testing

Ice Bridge Installation

Site Fencing Installation

Site Punch Walk Completion

Site Completion Package Assembly and Submitted

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