Preconstruction Planning

PNT Consulting LLC has brought together a team of site development staff with more than 40 years experience.

Site Acquisition

Leasing New Greenfield Sites

Leasing Co-location Sites, Rooftop, Water Towers, Mono-poles

Planning, Zoning and Permitting Applications

Site Survey

Plate Survey, 1A Survey & 2C Survey

Pre-construction Planning

Our site development team has built sites in cities and in the most remote locations. We are able and prepared to ask all the hard questions and seek out the answers that will make your projects sun smooth, on time and within budget.

Site Design

Constructability Audits, Construction Drawings, Zoning Drawings, Power and Backhaul Designs 

Pre / During / Post Construction Planning

Our project managers have the experience and knowledge to handle projects of one site to large projects with many sites and various locations.

Project Management

Initiating, Planning, Budgeting, Scheduling, Monitoring and Controlling, Risk Assessments, Site Acceptance, Project Closeout

Construction Planning / Design / Management

Our construction managers are ready to jump into action at any given moment. They are ready to begin a new project or come in during the middle and help get the project back on track.

Construction Management

Engineering Design Reviews,

EOR Requirements Management,

Subcontractor Acquisition,

Materials Inventory and Procurement,

Site Construction,

Change Requests Management,

Site Integration,

Site Completion and Closeout

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